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Commentary January 2020

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinA year has passed since markets made their big dip at the end of 2018. While the rise from that dip dominated investor thinking in the early part of 2019, later in the year investors started wondering “where to

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Commentary August 2019

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinThis summer we saw the end of the winter’s equity market recovery in April, followed by big market fluctuations through the summer months. This was driven in large part by the interplay between the US Federal Reserve and the

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Commentary April 2019

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinAfter the steep descent many markets experienced leading up to Christmas of 2018, this winter we witnessed a significant and broad-based recovery. This has led stocks in many cases back to relatively lofty levels although upcoming reports will tell

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Commentary October 2018

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinThis summer markets were heavily influenced by central bank activity, raising interest rate outlooks, as well as continued geopolitics related to the US connections to NAFTA, Iran, and China. Later some stabilization emerged but overhanging factors still linger. Bonds

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Commentary July 2018

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinAfter a January surge and pullback, market sentiment through the spring has been driven largely by the ups and downs of geopolitics. Meanwhile fundamental analysts work to see through the fog of the political posturing, observe the true economic

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Real Estate Capital Gains Tax: Budget 2017

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinWhat’s your game plan for winding down your Capital Gains tax liability? Yesterday Canada’s Finance Minister presented the government’s latest budget. there had been many fears about the potential increase of capital gains taxation. To do so would not

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